The root command for the ahkpm CLI


ahkpm is a package manager for AutoHotkey. This root command provides access to all of the subcommands which install, update, and manage your AutoHotkey packages.


ahkpm [command]
ahkpm [flags]

Available subcommands

  • cache: Manipulates the packages cache
  • include: Gets the “Include” statement needed to use a package
  • init: Interactively create an ahkpm.json file in the current directory
  • install: Installs specified package(s). If none, reinstalls all packages in ahkpm.json.
  • list: List all installed packages and their versions
  • run: Run user-defined scripts from ahkpm.json
  • search: Searches GitHub for packages matching the specified query
  • test: Runs the test script from ahkpm.json if it exists
  • update: Update package(s) to the latest version allowed by ahkpm.json
  • version: Bumps the version in ahkpm.json.


  • --ahk-version, -a: Display the version of AutoHotkey
  • --version, -v: Display the version of ahkpm