ahkpm install

Installs specified package(s). If none, reinstalls all packages in ahkpm.json.


Installs any packages you specify at the command line

Running ahkpm install without specifying a package name will download all dependencies specified in ahkpm.json into the ahkpm-modules folder.

Packages may be specified as either <packageName>@<version> or as just <packageName>.

For example, ahkpm install github.com/user/repo@1.0.0 will download version 1.0.0 of the package into the ahkpm-modules folder as well as save the package name and version to ahkpm.json for future use.

You may also use package name shorthands, such as gh:user/repo.

For versions you may specify a range such as 1.x.x or 1.2.x.

If you do not specify a version, ahkpm will attempt to find the latest valid semantic version. If no valid semantic version of the package is available, it will fall back to branch:main. If there is no main branch, it will fall back to branch:master. There are no further fallbacks.


ahkpm install [<dependency>]...


# Reinstalls all packages in ahkpm.json
ahkpm install

# Installs a specific version of a package
ahkpm install github.com/joshuacc/fake-package@1.2.2

# Installs the latest version matching major version 1
ahkpm install gh:joshuacc/fake-package@1