Quick Start

AutoHotkey is a powerful tool for scripting automations on Windows, but manually managing dependencies for your scripts is painful. ahkpm brings modern package management to AutoHotkey, making it easier than ever to automate away the drudgery.


  1. Download the ahkpm installer.
  2. Run the installer.

Basic usage

  1. Open the command line and navigate to the directory which will contain your AutoHotKey script.
  2. Run ahkpm init and answer the prompts to create an ahkpm.json file
  3. Run ahkpm install <package>@<version>
    • The package can be any github repository in the form: github.com/user/repo
    • The version can be any of the following:
      • A valid semantic version such as 1.0.0
      • The prefix tag: followed by the name of a tag in the package’s repository, such as tag:beta2
      • The prefix branch: followed by the name of a branch in the package’s repository, such as branch:main
      • The prefix commit: followed by the hash of a commit in the package’s repository, such as commit:badcce14f8e828cda4d8ac404a12448700de1441
      • Omitting the version is not yet supported
  4. Add #Include, %A_ScriptDir% to the top of your script to set the current directory as the context for subsequent includes
  5. Add #Include, ahkpm-modules\github.com\user\repo\main-file.ahk to your script
  6. You can now use the package’s functionality within your AutoHotKey script!

Current limitations

ahkpm is being actively developed, but it is still a young project. As a result it has the following limitations.

  • It only supports hosting and downloading of packages on GitHub, though other git hosts will be supported in the future.

If you’d like to help remedy these limitations, consider contributing!