Though ahkpm can install any GitHub repository as a package, the following packages are specifically designed to work well with ahkpm.

gh:SaifAqqad/VMR.ahk ⭐ 34

AutoHotkey wrapper class for Voicemeeter's Remote API

ahkpm install gh:SaifAqqad/VMR.ahk

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gh:joshuacc/AutoHotUnit ⭐ 15

A unit testing framework for AutoHotkey

ahkpm install gh:joshuacc/AutoHotUnit

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gh:joshuacc/chalk.ahk ⭐ 10

An AutoHotkey library for colorizing terminal output

ahkpm install gh:joshuacc/chalk.ahk

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gh:jasonsparc/DSVParser-AHK ⭐ 7

High-quality, simple DSV (e.g., CSV, TSV) parsing utilities for AutoHotkey v1.1

ahkpm install gh:jasonsparc/DSVParser-AHK

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gh:TheArkive/M-ArkDown_ahk2 ⭐ 6

A special flavor of markdown for generating docs or GitHub Pages

ahkpm install gh:TheArkive/M-ArkDown_ahk2

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gh:joshuacc/strung.ahk ⭐ 5

A utility library for working with strings in AutoHotkey 2

ahkpm install gh:joshuacc/strung.ahk

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gh:joshuacc/simple-http ⭐ 5

A simple http interface for AutoHotkey

ahkpm install gh:joshuacc/simple-http

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gh:Chunjee/stringc.ahk ⭐ 4

A v1 AutoHotkey package that finds degree of similarity between strings, based on Sørensen–Dice coefficient, which is mostly better than Levenshtein distance.

ahkpm install gh:Chunjee/stringc.ahk

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gh:jasonsparc/dsvparser-ahk2 ⭐ 3

High-quality, simple DSV (e.g., CSV, TSV) parsing utilities for AutoHotkey v2.0

ahkpm install gh:jasonsparc/dsvparser-ahk2

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gh:midrare/naiveargs.ahk ⭐ 0

Zero-setup argument parser for AutoHotkey

ahkpm install gh:midrare/naiveargs.ahk

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